I'm Winton.

Here's what I do:

New Release:

I make wholesome, retro-flavored erotic comics you can read here!
...or grab them as fancy little PDF/JPGS packages over on my itch.io store. 🛍️
If you want to support my work and see the process, consider joining my Patreon. My entire comics library is available to read for patrons!
I usually post new work on twitter and Bsky.
I sell some prints on INPRNT

Currently in the works...

The Orc and the Tower is an illustrated Choose Your Own Adventure-style story with a sword and sorcery theme.
It's run like an active D&D campaign where my patrons get to vote on what happens next!
It's free to read right here! Update 2/28/24
Libby & Holly Chapter 3 is currently in progress over on my patreon. It will be released in digital and physical formats when finished!

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